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12月18日Ulyana Shimanovich 博士学术报告

发布时间:2018-12-13 来源:   编辑:纺织服装学院
讲座地点 纺服楼A103

讲座题目:The Secrets of Silk

讲座嘉宾:Dr. Ulyana Shimanovich,(以色列魏茨曼科学研究所)

讲座时间:2018年12月18日(星期二)下午1: 30



Natural proteins display critical structural and bioactive properties that have evolved in nature for millions of years. However, depending on the specific protein, there may be useful functions, such as mechanical toughness, while other critical features may be more limiting, such as cell compatibility or a broader range of mechanical properties. Silk proteins, as a building blocks for biomaterials construction, combine a unique properties of high mechanical performance and overall biocompatibility. This has led to their use in artificial vascularized tissues, nerve guides and functional soft/hard scaffold and recently silkworm silk has received Food and Drug Administration approval for expanded biomaterials device utility. Yet this wonder-material is not without its own challenges. These include the extreme shear sensitivity of silk fibroins and their propensity to aggregate upon extraction and thus it requires more biologically sensitive processing routes. Our research addresses these fundamental limitations by exploring a platform technology, based on microfluidics, that unlocks investigation of unstable fibroins, as well as other aggregation-prone proteins, processing and routes towards the use of material in contact with cells enabling us to explore possible applications in biomedicine.


Dr. Ulyana Shimanovich 2012年毕业于以色列巴伊兰大学(Bar-Ilan University),获博士学位。2012-2015年英国剑桥大学化学系从事博士后研究。2015年起在以色利Weizmann Institute of Science任副教授。主要研究方向为:生命系统中生物材料的自组装行为;功能化成纤蛋白的自组装机理及其调控;蛋白质仿生功能材料的的合成及表征;均相蛋白基材料的形成机理;生物材料与生命系统的相互作用等。近年来,作为课题组负责人在Nature Communication, ACS nano, Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials,Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces, Macromolecules等国际顶级期刊上发表学术论文十余篇。