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Credit hours48lecture 48lab 0self-learning 0discussion 8field trip 0


CollegeCollege of Textiles and Clothing

LecturerXuehong Ren

Teaching assistantNo

Teaching goal

This course is opened for graduate students with textile engineering, textile chemistry, and apparel background.

This course mainly covers the basics, more advanced aspects as well as new developments of textile finishing processes. Finishes will be grouped according to their general purpose (enhance comfort, durability, etc.).

Through the study of this course, the graduate students can understand and master the basic concepts, methods, techniques, the role and significance of textile finishes, and the latest development trends of textile finishing.

Course topicsrequirement, and credit hours

1. Comfort-related issues:    12 (10 lecture, 2 discussion)

(1) Water/moisture transport

(2) Hand, aesthetic appeal

(3) Heat conductivity

(4) Electrical conductivity

2. Protection of textile material - durability  16 (14 lecture, 2 discussion)

(1) Strength, flexibility

(2) Abrasion resistance, pilling

(3) Stability, wrinkle resistance

(4) Drape

(5) Soil removal

(6) Resistance to microorganisms

3. Protection of human body    10(8 lecture, 2 discussion)

(1) Allergy related issues, antimicrobial finishes

(2) Flammability

(3) Chemical resistance

4. Methods, techniques, mechanisms  10 (8 lecture, 2 discussion)

(1) Grafting, plasma treatments

(2) Microencapsulation

(3) Controlled delivery mechanisms

(4) Smart materials

Applied majorTextile Engineering

Prerequisite courses: No

Text books:  Journals related to textiles

ExamTerm paper

GradingMidterm (30), Final (70)

Drafted byXuehong Ren

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